Pods n sods

Another of my very clever friends recommended I publish this list as a blog and I thought it would be an excellent opportunity, for once, to write about something other than myself. My friend Lucy asked me to recommend some podcasts, so this* is what I told her. Find them wherever you find your podcasts.

Queer Stories – Australian series hosted by Maeve Marsden, only about 15/20 mins per ep, very funny but also often make me cry. Hannah Gadsby is one of my favourite comedians ever, her ep is delightful – you don’t have to listen in order but they’re all brill.

Alone: A Love Story – one woman’s story about coming to terms with a break up. It’s SO well written but not over-written. Sad but not too sad.

The Heart – this is one of my faves, but I can see how it’s not for everyone. Again you can dip in and out or start from the beginning. Some of her short series are a little confronting – there’s a series called ‘No’, about women and consent which is important but difficult.

The Moth – the world’s most famous storytelling night, there are billions of eps, so dip in as and when. They started in New York but now hold nights all over the place so you can hear stories from London and Australia too – a real mix but always amusing and uplifting.

The Adam Buxton Podcast – is one of my faves, but I wonder how much of this relies on the fact I’ve loved him since I was about 12 years old. He’s silly but he has some brilliant guests so it’s a great example of the interview format.

Put Your Hands Together – a lovely, diverse standup night held at UCB LA, hosted by Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher, one of my favourite couples in the world! Their amazing sitcom ep 1 is available on YouTube, but the full series is unavailable in UK and I’m gutted! Cameron also hosts Queery, a really brilliant and positive interview pod with an array of queer-identifying people. I love it.


Love + Radio – this is always in my top 3, again tons of eps, but I have gone back and heard them ALL. Sometimes the subject is not as interesting to me, but the presentation is gorgeous, minimal FX and music, people telling their own stories. I love it. My favourite ever ep is called The Boys Will Work It Out – it’s about fan fiction.

Love Me – this is a lot like L+R, but Canadian and with a female host, somehow more personal. Just a gorgeous thing to have in your ears.

2 Dope Queens – an NY stand up show, but Jessica and Phoebe are just the best thing on the Internet. They are hilarious, but also probably the only podhosts of colour I regularly listen to. The podworld is a very white space, so I strongly recommend getting your diversity here. They always make me laugh out loud. They have amazing guest comics too. I’ve listened to all eps and it’s worth going back a bit to get to know them.


Crybabies – I *love* that this podcast exists! Two women, talking to excellent guests, about the things that make them cry! TV and movies and music, etc. I don’t listen to every ep but I’ve gone through and listened to all eps with comedians and actors I love.

Heavyweight – I adore this podcast. The host really plays up being a bit of an idiot, but the pod brings together people who’ve had a falling out. Friendships and families, all meddled with by this guy who is SO annoying – but I think (hope) he’s doing it on purpose for a joke. This one I think is worth going back to the beginning and listening all the way through.

Like Minded Friends – two of my fave British comedians, Tom Allen and Suzi Ruffell chatting. Short eps that always leave me wanting more.


Throwing Shade – this was one of the first pods I became obsessed with. No need to go back and listen, just subscribe, as it’s very topical. Brian Safi and Erin Gibson discuss issues that affect gay people and women, with far less respect than the issues deserve! They are brilliantly funny, the issues are real and well worth hearing about (but I generally turn off during the interview).


Women of the Hour – Lena Dunham’s podcast. If you like her you’ll like this.

Zoe Nightingale – a proper journalist, I just love the way Zoe talks to people. She’s brilliant.

My top drama pods are: The Black Tapes / Tanis / Rabbits – all made by the same people so if you like them you’ll like all three but they’re pretty spooky.

Cipher – haven’t listened to S2 yet but S1 was compelling.

Rathband – based on a true story, really great and British, but not easy.


*DISCLAIMER: These pods were collated and listed by me specifically for Lucy – if you’re noticing I haven’t put all the big, famous, obvious ones that’s because that is what they are. If you’re feeling snubbed because I didn’t list your podcast, that’s because it’s a bit niche and I didn’t think Lucy would like it. If you’re wondering why none of them are about murder, again, this is a Lucy list, not a me list. The me list is very, very murdery. Disturbingly so.