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a short story

In April of this year, I was offered a place in Cardiff University's School of English, Communication and Philosophy, to undertake a PhD in Creative Writing, starting October 2017. I was proud and excited. I loved my time as a student at Cardiff and I would so love to return. Unfortunately the only source of… Continue reading a short story

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Pods n sods

Another of my very clever friends recommended I publish this list as a blog and I thought it would be an excellent opportunity, for once, to write about something other than myself. My friend Lucy asked me to recommend some podcasts, so this* is what I told her. Find them wherever you find your podcasts.… Continue reading Pods n sods

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Love is…

This week I've been in a horrible funk. Nothing is clicking, my confidence is at a low; I've been exhausted, clumsy, battling the same horrifically boring demons I've faced since I was a kid. I'm coming to realise why 'self-care' is so important - and that's because no matter how much I love my people,… Continue reading Love is…

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Say my name

A clever person recently told me "we don't have to conform to be successful". I'm not a conformist, but I'm only now learning not to compare myself (negatively) against others, who are achieving their goals and ambitions - when those goals and ambitions are not mine. I've felt like a failure and a loser for… Continue reading Say my name